Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy birthday Fletch!

It was my birthday a few weeks ago - so much fun!

The day commenced with the usual ritual of ripping into the pressies!

Cool! A fire truck!!

Wow! Roary the racing car!!!

I got lots more cars too... and had a great time lining them all up...

... also had fun playing ...

... although at least one little person fell victim to birthday play fatigue early

Mum made a cookie monster cake with lots and lots of cookies!

As this is only my second birthday I thought I should practice before blowing out the candles for real **PHHHRRRTTT**

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!!
Mmmm... Cookies! Not sure about that blue icing though...

Ahhh don't worry Fletch - just tuck in!

At the end of a busy birthday... seems I've succumbed to the birthday play fatigue too... sleeping with my eyes open!